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Saturday, February 13, 2010

PS3 Wireless Keypad vs. Xbox 360 Messenger kit

Last Thursday I bought both accessories for my consoles. I had the chance to explore the experience on handling them and it gave a different feeling.

Not that they’re really at war but rather to identify the use and feeling of both devices.

I’m a sucker in gaming and since I don’t use them only on playing games. I also use them to communicate people and browsing their sections that requires inputting texts sometimes.

So lets compare the difference:

The look:

I have to go for
PS3s’ that has a sleek look and color while Xbox 360s’ looked like a generic and dated design. PS3s’ pad has a slot to recharge while connected to controller has an odd look but seemingly forgivable while Xboxs’ has a slot to plug in its microphone.

The use:

For both, its actually for sending text messages but both has its difference. On Xboxs’ it includes mic while PS3 dose not have mic included and can be bought separately as it called “Bluetooth headset”. A downer for PS3 as it force consumers to buy a separate head set unlike Xboxs’ messenger kit that includes another head set.

The feel:

Now this is the tricky part. I have to start with PS3, it feels softer but the buttons were smaller and it’s a bit hard to reach my fingers by reaching from controller to the keypad. While on 360 I didn’t had any difficulties shifting from controller to the keypad and buttons were bigger enough to feel that you were really pressing those pads.

Final verdict:

Basically it was style vs. comfort use and comfort is really important to me while I’m typing those pads. It really helps whenever you’re on a mission pausing a few seconds to type something to your playmates without losing your grip. Perhaps maybe if Sony could have design it on the lower than the upper side it might work.

How about it guys? What’s your say?


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