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Friday, February 20, 2015

Game Review - Evolve (PC)

Finally a new game review and this time i'm doing it differently by making it on a video. 

However to add some typed details as follows:


This game was never in my radar until i tried the Big Alpha.

I realized that I've been playing it more than COD: Advanced Warfare! It's more polished that that piece of junk and a lot fun with its simple gameplay mechanics.

I know that there are some issues about the game and most common one was its pricing. Well i'm here to let you guys know that most of those DLCs are totally cosmetics and not a game changer. So it's totally up to the consumer if they want to add some new looks in their arsenals or look differently from other monsters. in the end the hunt will continue!

However i only have one gripe with the pricing and it's the future hunters and monsters. they will all be paid and we all have to pay a few in order to get some access from them. However on the plus side is that it will take more time until they all come out in the game so that will give us more time to earn money to get all of them! Granted that its a bit of a rip-off from that side but i also do understand that these devs actually sacrificed a lot and that includes of not cutting their beards off until the game was released and they have their own bills to pay IRL (in real life). So to give support to them and the things they love to do (which is making this awesome game a lot better) i would not mind giving them a few cuts from my end.

Overall this game is awesome and everything that has already been described on other reviews about the gameplay mechanics are spot on and i don't have to elaborate further. It's a cat & mouse chase only to give enough cheese o the mouse till hunted becomes the hunter and i love it!

  • It's Fun
  • It's simple to play but not that simple to master in both being a hunter and a monster. 
  • It has Solo offline mode 
  • 12 great hunters 
  • 3 different monsters with different hunting/killing styles
  • Repetitive but still fun
  • Free future maps!
  • Challenging on a tactical standpoint
  • Repetitive 
  • Paid future hunters and monsters
  • Paid cosmetic stuffs
  • Main Campaign is short
  • Would like to see more game modes
So for further info about this review you can check out my video review

Friday, February 13, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Founder's Pack (Buy Beta Access)

As per the source, he actually made a valid point. I mean it's either you can't wait to try the game and buy the "free-to-play" game or just wait it out. The golden cyber wolf is just cosmetics anyways.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Evolve - Review (GameSpot)

I am so exited to try this game out so here's the review from GameSpot. I may post other sources soon.