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Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Golden Joystick awards (My choices)

For those who haven't and would like to please click the link and get them votes on here :).

For those who are curious about my choices here they are:

Best new comer 
i'm still compelled to the world and storyline, it would have been my GOTY last year but XCOM: Enemy Unknown stole the spotlight

Best online 
Guild Wars 2
Even for a short period of time i played the game, i felt so welcome with the crowd and everywhere i go there's never a dull moment by the help of the dynamic quest that everyone can promptly join in and have at it.

Best indie 
Mark Of The Ninja
This game is one of those gems that i enjoyed in 2D (even though Vessel and Snapshot was also awesome but i don't think GJA lacks knowledge of indie games much due to their selections... imo). The gameplay and artwork is awesome.

Best handheld
little big planet ps vita
Personally, if i play a handheld i don't spend too much time with it, be it plants vs. zombies or a few min gameplay on Smart As... there's no point for me on playing countless hours with a handheld because i'd usually end up alseep on m ybed. So this particular game howeve, not only that i enjoy it but also it puts a smile to my face, like oneof those Locoroco moments or ilomilo on XBLA

Best storytelling
Bioshock infinite
Not too original but its pretty good i have to give them that. the plot made me realize and reflect that every one of us can be as Good or bad at the same amount of stretch and in the end, the balance of life itself will return to its natural form. stillness i guess... :) (sorry i jus tgot too deep here lol)

Best multiplayer
Payday 2
One of the great things i love about this game is planning, its it encourages us to coordinate and interact with each other in order to make a proper heist. and perfecting one mission is the addiction where i seek to achieve and man it feels great not only to me but the team mates i'm in whenever we pull a good one.

Best mobile games
Rayman jungle run
Visuals and gameplay, again, like a handheld game it puts a smile to me, the cartoony look and all out Rayman himself that i love since the 1st one came out in PS1

Best visual design
Halo 4
Space is infinite to me, like what i felt in REACH, this one still impresses me with how much details it gives in a current gen console such as the xbox 360.

Best gaming platform of the year
Still, coming out from consoles since 2009 made me realize how much i can't leave steam and PC gaming. the sales they make and the features they present by the year, they also helped improving the community so its not a gaming hub anymore to me its also a place to be more than just a game that plays games but also handling communities, stream games and do some special events, game trading and giveaways.

Best gaming moment
Mass Effect 3 - citadel DLC party
I have to give credit to the Dev of this game for amending and patching the game specially the endings. I've been connected with my Shepard since ME1, and looking at the the choices i made for in the end has concluded in a much satisfying state.

Innovation of the year
Oculus Rift
Looking back with Jaguar in the nineties, it was way ahead of its time. however, i think its the best time to introduce this technology since FPS games in particular are at the rise. Competitive gaming can possibly consider to include this tech for generations to come.

Studio of the year
Naughty dog
They have touch so many hearts on what they do and i personally admit (even though i haven't played enough of their franchise) that they're one of the best gaming companies in this gen including Bethesda Softworks and Valve

Youtube gamer
I just love that dude :) he never fails to entertain me.

Most wanted
Playstation 4
I was thinking of Destiny but i had a 2nd thought that the chicken has to come 1st before the egg lol. But seriously, i never was that impressed with PS3 and went all XBOX360 because one of their issue was customer handling. however, with the lineups they're making for the next gen and the PS+ and the PS Vita's future tech with the up coming console, the light seems to look brighter at the end of the tunnel.

Game Of The Year (GOTY)
Saints Row 4
Let me tell you about my definition of gaming... mainly its having FUN and good time. i personally don't like realism in the games i play. i had enough of it IRL, i want to escape from reality and have some good time playing and interacting with gamers who love what they play and do. i don't want to talk about real life stuffs (unless im talking with close gamer friends)
back to this game, i had fun and that they delivered so well to me.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Game Review: Saints Row 4

Developer:      Deep Silver Volition
Publisher:        Deep Silver
Platforms:       PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

When I first heard that SR4 is coming out i was all over it, building my expectations every time I see the details and crazy trailers because I told myself that i'm going to have some fun playing yet another crazy fun game.

Now that i finally played the game I can finally give share my thoughts


It takes place not too long after SR3 where your avatar (yes you can also carry over your R3 avatar given if you saved them in the saints row site) Pierce & Shaundi were called by MI-6 (Asha & Matt Miller) to infiltrate an enemy base led by Cyrus Temple who is planning to launch a nuclear missile to Washington. After the assault, the rocket was launched leaving you no choice but to ride on the rocket and diffuse it while playing on the background "I don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith and hearing dramatic complements from your crew. And i thought that was crazy enough, you survived the launched and landed right on the President's chair of United States! After that you got elected as the new president and all sorts of craziness went in my mind. shortly your country and the planet is under attack by Aliens. Abducted and thrown in a simulation, you fight your way out from the virtual prison and form whats left of your crew to fight back, pretty standard stuffs but the journey is even crazier and funnier once i got into the game.

                                                                 Yup, you can carry over your SR3 avatar to the game


The gameplay is simply a third person sandbox game. You roam around the world and do main  side quests although its gameplay can sometimes be tricky, in some occasions the game will throw in some mini games out from the ordinary like a 2D sprite retro game what is close to Battle City. That's actually good every once in a while just to get out from the ordinary. One of the new things to do in the game is the superpowers, at first it can be cool but when I use it too much just to travel from point A to B it gets tedious, on the flip side however, collecting clusters which are scattered throughout the map can be addicting, the clusters are like small glowing lights that you need to collect in order to gain new special abilities within each special powers (telekinesis, elemental blast, super sprint, super jump & stomp). Like the previous SR, you can also customize your avatar's clothes, vehicles, put/remove tattoo and re-edit your avatar's appearance.

                                                                    Some funny dialogue you encounter each NPCs


There nothing much to be impressed in this category but with a little improvements here and there. But that doesn't mean it's bad, its just good.


A couple of good signature songs here and there in the radio plus two new channels. voice acting has gotten crazier specially after adding Kieth David in the crew as your Vice President and a couple of reprising characters from the previous game. pretty cool and nothing to complain about. its that feeling i get every time they have their own dialogue that creates their individual character which makes me love them even more.

Yup and their also back! 


SR4 is back for more pounding murder time fun time experience, its still hilarious, still funny, fun and its a sandbox game. however i personally do not like being overpowered by having super powers but its not a game breaker to be perfectly honest. it gets the job done and that is me having a great time playing a video game. so kudos for this. its a good buy.

Score 8.5/10

Fun, funny, hilarious and all out crazy
Weapon cuatomization
Some mini games
(More) Memorable Characters
Being able to carry over your SR3 avatar to the game
The super powers can also be "useful" on certain matters and missions
More hilarious arsenals like the dub step weapon

Hacking every store in the area (without an option to buy them out instead) is a hindrance
The super powers can get boring overtime
Character customization feels like almost the same as the previous one