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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A chilly moment from the cold blizzard

A few weeks back my PC got fixed and ready for gaming. I found out that I also have pending games to pick and play on that system. To name a few, I include Blizzard’s notable titles like Diablo 2 and the expansion, Starcraft with expansion also and World of Warcraft.

First off, I finally got to try WOW (World Of Warcraft). A Massively Multiplayer Online game and a Role Playing Game shortly known as MMORPG. WOW has been around since 2004, there were two expansions released up to now, and they are “The Burning Crusade” which was released in 2007 and “Wrath of the Lich King” in 2008. This year, a third expansion is on the making named “Cataclysm” which will be released somewhere around this year.

I felt a bit left behind knowing that I would never imagine myself to play WOW one day. But here I am, a messed up body clock spending too much time on PC and left my consoles at bay.

During my first week in WOW, I found out that Blizzard Entertainment finally made an official release date for Starcraft 2 called “Wings of Libertyand would due at July 27 this year. Fortunately, the game will surprise Facebook users, linking it that will see gamers able to search their Facebook friends lists for opponents. When I first heard this feature, I started to think that Blizzard would make additional millions for just applying that feature. I looked at the gameplay on video and I quoted that “I would rather watch the pros go head to head than me playing it”. It is at all sorts awesome.

In addition, Diablo 3 has been presenting some impressive teasers so far, from classes, environments and gameplay. Unfortunately, composers of the previous game are no longer in the company, However, I’m optimistic for the new teams to set a fair good game for the upcoming many sleepless nights.

Looking at it in a bigger picture, Blizzard Entertainment is showering us some goodies on three different franchises this year. My perception is that many gamers will soon focus more on pimping their PC units and/pr buying a new laptop just in time to get a hold on a copy.

I wonder what other’s think of this year now that we have a release date for Starcraft 2 or Blizzard’s raging return of PC gaming domination.

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