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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review: Blitz: The League 1 and 2‎

Developer(s) Midway Games

Publisher(s)Midway Games

‎Platform For part 1 Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP and Wii. For part 2 Xbox 360 and ‎PS3 (reviewing on Xbox 360)‎

Release datePlayStation 3, Xbox 360 ‎

Part 1 Oct. 2006 (Xbox 360) ‎

Part 2 October 2008‎

‎Genre(s) Sports, American football

Mode(s) Single player, multi player

Rating(s) ESRB: M


I never would have thought that one day I would get interested in a game such as ‎American football. Some will not have the time to learn more about the game and ‎some say it’s too complicated with too many rules and plays in just one game. ‎But when I took a time just to get into the system, the more I play, watch games ‎and read more about the sport the more I understand it. It’s not a typical get the ‎ball to the opponents end and make a touch down (a goal in soccer). The rules of ‎the game runs deep and isn’t as easy as it looks like and not too hard to ‎understand and better yet love it if you will. In the end, it is one heck of a game ‎for me. I have played a few football games on consoles but today I’m reviewing ‎two titles and compare them one another. So to those who’s not a fan, read this. ‎Those who’s interested to know about this painful but wonderful game, this is for ‎you and to those who wants to know the difference between the two, check it out.‎

The first time I bought the 1st Blitz I thought of the 1999 movie “Any Given ‎Sunday”. Has a very engaging storyline that tells a dark fictional world of ‎American football. Both storyline weren’t related but will see some familiar ‎players to the sequel. Personally, I would go to BTL2’s storyline arrangements ‎and I have to give it to BTL1 for voice acting. Music selections will go to BTL1 ‎with nice selections while BTL2 has some slight issue of genre battles (hey I like ‎all sorts of music but it really helps if they put on a fair number of selections to ‎the lists).‎
Score:‎ ‎ ‎ BTL1 7.5 - BTL2 8 out of 10‎

It’s obvious that they invested a lot of time to polish those graphics on BTL2 with ‎stunning details and flashy (or shiny sometimes) graphics than the dark and a bit ‎outdated one from BTL1.‎
Score:‎ ‎ ‎ BTL1 6.5 - BTL2 8 out of 10‎

The gameplay is more Arcadic than a formal Madden game. This is one of the ‎things I really love about BTL and what makes it so special. This isn’t you’re ‎typical clean football game. Its dirty, mean, bloody, women and fast phased ‎action. Tackles are insane to watch especially in BTL2. Injuries are a pain and ‎after every attempt, it shows the locations of where the player is hit and mostly ‎broken bones. Similar things between the two are personally customizing your ‎players by training and/or by implementing those supplements (and even illegal ‎ones). What makes them different is BTL2 has more options like girlfriends, ‎treating an injured player and better controls than the 1st. sponsors is included on ‎the sequel and lets you try their product free of charge if you impressed them ‎enough in a given match. I would say the sequel got a better justice on gameplay ‎here. They also share a fair difficulty level so sometimes its sucks and frustrates ‎you whenever you have difficulties on winning the game.‎
Score:‎ BTL1 8 - BTL2 8.5 out of 10‎

Now this is another strong point for BTL. Fortunately I never been this hyped ‎whenever I hear them cussing/cursing in the game. Unfortunately, the sequel did ‎not deliver the same as the 1st one. Who never get pumped when a trainer/coach ‎tells you to “wake the F*** UP!” whenever you fail an attempt? That’s BTL1 for ‎you. But BTL2 sounded more like a silly geek was trying to be tough but failed to ‎do so. So a big sigh on that one. But voice acting wise? I’d give it to BTL1 for ‎their motivated words they say on each game. Sorry BTL2 you guys blew it big ‎time on this one.‎
Score:‎ BTL1 9.5 - BTL2 6 out of 10‎

I started to get to know more on this sport and I may say it’s really not bad after ‎all. When you look at it its more muscles and hitting guys till they broke ‎something but obviously it also includes mental speed, wit and testing your IQ ‎level. BTL is actually a darker side of sport but I love it. Playing both games was ‎a pleasure and fun too. Just to sum it up I like both BTL on their differences but it ‎could have been a little slower and a little easier at some point because seriously ‎I got sacked a lot on offense and fail to defend my position on defense for the ‎first time. I thank Midway for making this game and I really do hope a new one is ‎on its way soon because I want to try it online someday. This franchise should ‎not die.‎
Score ‎ BTL1 7.5 - BTL2 8 out of 10‎

Arcadic and fast gameplay
Not your typical American Football ‎

At BTL1 ‎
Great voice acting ‎
Great Music selections

At BTL2‎
Great graphics ‎
New gameplay and features

Sometimes it’s a little too hard to play.‎
Not much people I see playing it online (or even none)‎
Sometimes it runs a little too fast than your eyes can see.‎

At BTL1‎
It’s a little too fast

At BTL2‎
Where the heck did you get those rant from? I laugh instead of getting motivated.‎

Review: Prototype

Developer(s)Radical Entertainment


‎‎Engine ‎ Titanium

Platform ‎ Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (reviewing on Xbox 360)‎

Release date ‎ PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 ‎

June 2009‎

‎‎Genre(s)Action-adventure, Third person, Open world

Mode(s) ‎ Single-player ‎

Rating(s) ‎ ESRB: M

               OFLC: MA 15+‎

               PEGI: 18+‎

Personally, I am not a big fan of open-world game. I do have standards of game ‎selection and this genre isn’t my cup of tea until I hear about this game and the ‎other one which I will make a review very soon once I tasted enough fleva for the ‎feva of “inFamous”. This gave me game me a different feel of open world game ‎since it’s gory, bloody and a mind-blowing moves of the character. Like from a ‎well known similar game (grand theft auto) missions scattered throughout the ‎area and at some point will give you choice weather you’ll be a hero or a badass ‎mother “beep!”. Excuse my French… but this little man’s abilities makes him an ‎upside down (not to mention crazy) protagonist. Who would think that you can ‎travel so fast, glide, crazy melee attacks and disguising other’s flesh and clothes ‎for some stealthy missions? Sound cool and made me think that this will be a ‎one bad ass game of the year (2009). Who am I kidding? Lets just review this ‎one and find out if it can live up to most of the gamer’s expectations.‎


It’s bloody, its gory, and engaging just to know what the heck is going on around ‎the guy and what made him into a biological killer. However, the presentation ‎was killed by another factor of the game that dramatically deprive from our high ‎expectations. Although storyline is ranged from nice-to-good but not grown ‎breaking as other good games that came at the same year so its safe on this ‎part.‎

Score:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎8.5/10‎


Surprisingly, it looked more like a high-end PS2 graphics, but I do salute the fast ‎phased actions it has although I really wish that they worked more on it than ‎releasing it on time. ‎

Score:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎8/10‎


This hurts my nuts so bad, after I invested hours of gameplay I finally gave one ‎word description of the game. “Repetitive” as simple as that. Sure its cool running ‎around the place and strike a pose with your small-but-terrible maneuvers but ‎hey, it gets too boring and it warns me off so fast not to mention the feeling that ‎you’ll be doing something similar missions that makes me say like “urgh! Again? ‎Didn’t I just did something similar before?”. Leveling up is one good thing with so ‎many choices to make but it gave a crack to me when I discovered that you’ll just ‎repeat the same “1 2 3 combo” over and over to the enemies till they’re down or ‎even till you end the game. The least thing that keeps the game alive is the story. ‎Whenever you consume a certain person or an enemy, you’ll discover a short ‎clips of their memories that will lead you to solve the mysteries but really, you’ll ‎get that “repetitive” feeling sooner than later. ‎

Score:‎ ‎7.5/10‎


At most times of the game, the voice acting was well delivered and effects were ‎okay. The voice acting and effect during animation was impressive enough to ‎capture your attention to know more about the plot. So the audio was good-to-‎great but not enough to cover up their gamepaly flops. ‎

Score:‎ ‎8.5/10‎


Repetitive is the word of this game. It looks and feels badass but they failed to ‎keep your motivation at the high level by giving you same old missions and same ‎old killing combos over and over again. This game is for rent/borrowing and not ‎for keeps. Not enough power to dominate GTA for sure but I do hope that ‎whenever or if they ever make another one I would not mind to have it another ‎look. ‎

Score ‎ ‎8/10‎


Badass killing moves, abilities and insane roaming ability

Interesting storyline

Bloody and gory

Nice stealth mission

‎ ‎


Repetitive will bore you

So many similar missions

So many good abilities but the killing procedures are down to repetitive‎

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review: inFamous

Developer(s) ‎         Sucker Punch Productions
 Publisher(s) ‎          Sony Computer Entertainment

‎ ‎Platform ‎               PlayStation 3‎

Release date ‎ ‎ ‎     End of May 1st week of June 2009‎

‎ ‎Genre(s) ‎               Action-adventure, Third person, Open world

Mode(s) ‎              Single-player ‎

Rating(s) ‎               ESRB: T

                             OFLC: M

                             PEGI: 16‎

When I got into open world super hero game like Prototype, I started to find a ‎different approach about the theme and got me interested to play it ( the open world game again). Both ‎games was released at the same month and year and there were hot issues of ‎which one is better than the other.‎

‎“Haha finally! One of my game picks!” I had a good vibe on this game for so long ‎and I can’t help expressing my joy because it has passed my expectations. ‎Comparing it to “Prototype”, it went a hundred miles further than its rival did. But ‎as much as possible and more importantly I will talk about inFamous and will try ‎not to derail its rival too much. Both are relatively similar but entirely different in ‎certain aspects. So here we go.‎


Its not that hype but it catches on overtime. The story felt more like a super-hero-‎mojo run in the mill. But importantly it catches up overtime and will hook you in ‎for another run/mission. Seriously the plot is well made and it won’t bore you ‎much combining the flow of the given missions and tasks in the game. Well ‎balanced and well scripted so kudos to that.‎

Score:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎9/10‎


The graphics were well crafted enough not to spot a dirt on the face. Although I ‎could not help but notice, slight pixelized shadows but generally it’s forgivable. ‎Environment wasn’t a disappointment at all even if its just a smaller than ‎Prototype but to add the sewers were a different breathe of element gushes your ‎eyes with a different stir of attraction. ‎

Score:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎8.5/10‎


Now here’s where it got its charm the most. Open world games are crucial if the ‎gameplay will not deliver well. Some may look like repetitive, old fashioned, or ‎I’m-too-lazy-just-to-get-there theme from point A to point B. If these elements ‎occur, the game will surely bore me head on. Fortunately, inFamous ‎‎(surprisingly) did not let me fell into that trap and with the given flow of cut scenes ‎and game missions; I got impressed on every bit of the detail. If someone asked ‎me about Prototype side, the gameplay was good but the plot wasn’t strong ‎enough to cover up its boring repetitive missions and its little overrated skills ‎which in fact…come to think of it felt like a 1 2 3 combo “repeat just do this and ‎that and you’ll have it done till the game is over”. But I have got to hand it to ‎Prototype’s leveling up system where there’s more abilities than inFamous. ‎When I said about the “1 2 3 combo”, I mean in inFamous has a challenging ‎approach to it. AI are smart most of the times and you will feel like you have to ‎approach them in a different angle, with the help of climbing skills (which reminds ‎me of Assasin’s Creed by the way) it gave a humble approach that you can’t get ‎there as easy as you think but not as hard enough no to try. Roaming the island ‎wasn’t boring as I expected it and side missions wasn’t a hassle to do (I skipped ‎so many side missions on Prototype because of the hefty locations and ‎repetitiveness). Not to mention that the climbing looked so awesome like hanging ‎on a ledge while firing electric bolts at the enemies was so cool. Leveling system ‎though felt like a “meh” to me with limited skills. In order to get that skill you have ‎to measure your rank either good or evil (Karma system) that leads to play this ‎game 2 times. Hats off for this one, I’m having the time of my life here so Sucker ‎Punch Productions you have my respect and will look forward for future releases.‎

Score:‎ ‎9.5/10‎


Honestly, I didn’t liked the protagonist’s voice and the gun fire sounded (again) ‎like a 32 bit game. However, the sounds and acting were pretty solid. In addition, ‎the OST music was engaging enough whenever you encounter enemies so ‎salute to that again.‎

Score:‎ ‎8.5/10‎


An Open world game that has so many charms in almost every angle.‎

This game is solid to the end. A game such as this and an exclusive for PS3 sure ‎made Sony happy and more importantly to the consumers. The company who ‎made this game didn’t had much releases but when I saw this one. I felt sad that ‎I didn’t tried their previous games “Sly series on PS2”. Surely, this one of Sony’s ‎gem and a must buy. So go buy it guys! it’s cheaper now in the market even if ‎you try to get 2nd hands its still worth the money.‎ or even better... try the demo like i did before buying this gem baby.

Score ‎ ‎9.5/10‎


Humble environment for a great gameplay

Engaging plot

Not boring (surprisingly)‎

Cool looking climbing and roaming skills

Grinding skills are awesome specially grinding on train tracks

Some missions can be surprising the least you expect it. ‎


There could have been more skills

There were only two types of minions in the city