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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review: Blitz: The League 1 and 2‎

Developer(s) Midway Games

Publisher(s)Midway Games

‎Platform For part 1 Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP and Wii. For part 2 Xbox 360 and ‎PS3 (reviewing on Xbox 360)‎

Release datePlayStation 3, Xbox 360 ‎

Part 1 Oct. 2006 (Xbox 360) ‎

Part 2 October 2008‎

‎Genre(s) Sports, American football

Mode(s) Single player, multi player

Rating(s) ESRB: M


I never would have thought that one day I would get interested in a game such as ‎American football. Some will not have the time to learn more about the game and ‎some say it’s too complicated with too many rules and plays in just one game. ‎But when I took a time just to get into the system, the more I play, watch games ‎and read more about the sport the more I understand it. It’s not a typical get the ‎ball to the opponents end and make a touch down (a goal in soccer). The rules of ‎the game runs deep and isn’t as easy as it looks like and not too hard to ‎understand and better yet love it if you will. In the end, it is one heck of a game ‎for me. I have played a few football games on consoles but today I’m reviewing ‎two titles and compare them one another. So to those who’s not a fan, read this. ‎Those who’s interested to know about this painful but wonderful game, this is for ‎you and to those who wants to know the difference between the two, check it out.‎

The first time I bought the 1st Blitz I thought of the 1999 movie “Any Given ‎Sunday”. Has a very engaging storyline that tells a dark fictional world of ‎American football. Both storyline weren’t related but will see some familiar ‎players to the sequel. Personally, I would go to BTL2’s storyline arrangements ‎and I have to give it to BTL1 for voice acting. Music selections will go to BTL1 ‎with nice selections while BTL2 has some slight issue of genre battles (hey I like ‎all sorts of music but it really helps if they put on a fair number of selections to ‎the lists).‎
Score:‎ ‎ ‎ BTL1 7.5 - BTL2 8 out of 10‎

It’s obvious that they invested a lot of time to polish those graphics on BTL2 with ‎stunning details and flashy (or shiny sometimes) graphics than the dark and a bit ‎outdated one from BTL1.‎
Score:‎ ‎ ‎ BTL1 6.5 - BTL2 8 out of 10‎

The gameplay is more Arcadic than a formal Madden game. This is one of the ‎things I really love about BTL and what makes it so special. This isn’t you’re ‎typical clean football game. Its dirty, mean, bloody, women and fast phased ‎action. Tackles are insane to watch especially in BTL2. Injuries are a pain and ‎after every attempt, it shows the locations of where the player is hit and mostly ‎broken bones. Similar things between the two are personally customizing your ‎players by training and/or by implementing those supplements (and even illegal ‎ones). What makes them different is BTL2 has more options like girlfriends, ‎treating an injured player and better controls than the 1st. sponsors is included on ‎the sequel and lets you try their product free of charge if you impressed them ‎enough in a given match. I would say the sequel got a better justice on gameplay ‎here. They also share a fair difficulty level so sometimes its sucks and frustrates ‎you whenever you have difficulties on winning the game.‎
Score:‎ BTL1 8 - BTL2 8.5 out of 10‎

Now this is another strong point for BTL. Fortunately I never been this hyped ‎whenever I hear them cussing/cursing in the game. Unfortunately, the sequel did ‎not deliver the same as the 1st one. Who never get pumped when a trainer/coach ‎tells you to “wake the F*** UP!” whenever you fail an attempt? That’s BTL1 for ‎you. But BTL2 sounded more like a silly geek was trying to be tough but failed to ‎do so. So a big sigh on that one. But voice acting wise? I’d give it to BTL1 for ‎their motivated words they say on each game. Sorry BTL2 you guys blew it big ‎time on this one.‎
Score:‎ BTL1 9.5 - BTL2 6 out of 10‎

I started to get to know more on this sport and I may say it’s really not bad after ‎all. When you look at it its more muscles and hitting guys till they broke ‎something but obviously it also includes mental speed, wit and testing your IQ ‎level. BTL is actually a darker side of sport but I love it. Playing both games was ‎a pleasure and fun too. Just to sum it up I like both BTL on their differences but it ‎could have been a little slower and a little easier at some point because seriously ‎I got sacked a lot on offense and fail to defend my position on defense for the ‎first time. I thank Midway for making this game and I really do hope a new one is ‎on its way soon because I want to try it online someday. This franchise should ‎not die.‎
Score ‎ BTL1 7.5 - BTL2 8 out of 10‎

Arcadic and fast gameplay
Not your typical American Football ‎

At BTL1 ‎
Great voice acting ‎
Great Music selections

At BTL2‎
Great graphics ‎
New gameplay and features

Sometimes it’s a little too hard to play.‎
Not much people I see playing it online (or even none)‎
Sometimes it runs a little too fast than your eyes can see.‎

At BTL1‎
It’s a little too fast

At BTL2‎
Where the heck did you get those rant from? I laugh instead of getting motivated.‎

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