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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review: Resident Evil 5

Developer(s) Capcom

Publisher(s) Capcom

MT Framework

Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (reviewing on Xbox 360)

Release date PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
March 2009

Genre(s) Survival Horror, Third Person Shooting (TPS)

Mode(s) Single-player,
online and offline co-op

Rating(s) BBFC: 18
PEGI: 18+

A boring day to you all ladies and gents and welcome to another run down review. I know I’m late for the party but some folks I know are questionable for this particular game since its release. This was never on my game picks but when I heard that some new
DLC is on its way I thought of taking the chance and buy the baby just for the love of the DLC and what’s left of RE Saga.

I have to warn the readers first that my review will be left questionable for those who love the franchise. Back in the old days, I was one of them and the plot kept me guessing and asking for the next sequel. However, its momentum diminishes from the next title to another.

For what I’m about to say right now is based on my opinions and experiences so here we go.

Gory enough? Scary enough? Or even bloody enough to be a bad-ass survival horror game of the RE Franchise? Basically there’s nothing new here. Great environment details but it wasn’t bloody, gory and scary enough to get you in the game and feel fear for survival.
Score: 7.5/10

I have to hand it to Capcom, this is the best good looking graphics in RE series. Even if its not as terrifying environment as its predecessors its still have some gem on the details.
Score: 9/10

This is where it hurts the most. The controls were
RE4 like but not exactly. One disappointing feature that was removed was firing-while-running/walking. It’s a habit of mine to shoot while open a path up front but unfortunately this game left me frustrated at times. Picking menus and managing inventories for both players is a new combo for me. The difference between this and RE Zero is the character can be playable with another player while Zero is completely controlled by just one. But if you’re playing it all alone the second character will be automatically controlled by AI. Unfortunately, AI can be stupid sometimes. On the flipside, if you play it as co-op weather split screen, system link or online it sure gives a great fun. The game is all about teamwork and this game gave an excellent balance to it. So overall, it’s a decent offline game but you’ll get a lot of fun by playing with friends that the control issues will be forgivable overtime.
Score: 9/10

Chris Redfield, one of the original cast of the first RE and the male protagonist. It gave a good vibe fans when we’re going to play his role once again. However, this time he is not alone. Sheva Alomar is joining his quest and play as the female protagonist. Some familiar characters from the previous titles will be around too. Voice acting was not as great as the other survival horror movie I played (Dead Space) so for me the acting was from good to generic.
Score: 8/10

Time has passed for the franchise and as its progressed further, it got old. The meaning of “
Survival horror” theme is no longer there. I have to give credit of the gameplay but I can’t consider this game to be gory, scary and terrifying as its used to be. If I were to compare this to Dead Space which in fact inspired by RE series and specially RE4, Dead Space has delivered the gore, blood and disturbing environments and not to mention its controls is very fluid and satisfying than RE5. There’s no place for RE to be considered a survival horror like it used to but I do hope re-inventing the theme is required. For those who is looking for a pop corn horror game please, don’t say that didn’t warned you. But if you’re in for the game and specially for those who want to play with their friends or love ones, this will not waste your time and money.
Score 8.5/10

Best graphics I’ve seen in RE series.
Co-op is a flavor for RE and served well.
Upgrading weapons and inventory management is cool
Plot continues to flare from previous titles.

A frustrating itchy feeling controls.
AI and partner AI is a drag.
One player campaign can be boring sometimes.
Not as scary, gory and disturbing as it used to.

Happy hunting,


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