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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: Dead Space

Developer(s) ‎ EA Redwood Shores

Publisher(s) ‎ Electronic Arts
‎ ‎
Engine ‎ Godfather game engine

Platform ‎ Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (reviewing on Xbox 360)‎

Release date ‎ October 2008‎
‎ ‎
Genre(s) ‎ Survival Horror, Third Person Shooting (TPS)‎

Mode(s) ‎ Single-player ‎

Rating(s) ‎ BBFC: 18‎
OFLC: MA15+‎
PEGI: 18+‎
USK 18‎
‎ ‎
Wow! A brand new year and a brand new decade to start. I have been away from ‎my blog for a little too long. Luckily, I took my time heading back to my old ‎purchased games from last year (not to mention I haven’t finished them most so I ‎had to head back). But even at the final day of 2009 (after watching Dead Space: ‎Downfall) I went out and bought me two old games Dead Space and Gears of ‎War. I know it’s a little late but I had to buy them both for a good price and all ‎thanks to Mr. Habib at Eagle Software in Shola Mall. “So in 2010 I am officially ‎open to horror games and movies”‎

Survival horror game isn’t new for us. Two well known titles were Resident Evil ‎and Silent Hill and both franchise made a name and kept their diehard fans ‎happy and satisfied (well at least most of them if not). Moreover, up until now ‎both franchises are still making new titles. In 2008, a new title was release from ‎an unexpected company and that was EA (Electronic Arts). As far as I noticed ‎from that year, EA released two interesting titles that I have never seen before ‎from them (the other one was Mirror’s Edge but that’s a different story). ‎

But since this is another review article, I mind as well talk about it so here we ‎go…‎

Before the release, EA launched Comics and a site specialized for the game. A ‎very intriguing and moving presentation that left me puzzled with “oh s@#t!” or ‎‎“WTH is going on?” moments. When I finally got a hold of the game, I had to say ‎that it wasn’t bad but could have been better (harsh am I not?). Surely, I salute ‎the sounds and surprising attacks of the uglies but the run-in-the-mill plot and ‎missions deprived the thrill a bit and left me bored by doing almost the same old ‎tasks over and over. Environment was very well crafted and original for a ‎repulsive horror-in-space piece. ‎
Score:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎8/10‎

Before the release, EA launched Comics and a site specialized for the game. A ‎very intriguing and moving presentation that left me puzzled with “oh s@#t!” or ‎‎“WTH is going on?” moments. ‎
Score:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎9/10‎

New things caught my attention like activating the menus, I’m used to take my ‎time browsing the menus. For me it’s the same as pausing the game. But DS ‎develop something which is browsing them without pausing. Pretty neat and ‎challenging at the same time, so whenever I brows I have to make sure to do it in ‎a safe place or fast (like healing). In weapons, there are no best weapons in the ‎game. Each of them is useful in certain situations, so it matters depending on ‎how you use and upgrade them. Not much puzzles to solve though but the zero ‎gravity gameply was fun leap from one place to the other and also short space ‎battles…you can’t seem to hear them scram in space (I guess they borrowed the ‎theory of the saying “in space, no one can hear you scream”). Controls were ‎responsive (compared from another TPS I tried “Ghost Recon: Advance ‎Warefare 2 which was horrible). The theme isn’t new but the concept was a little ‎different yet stirs a different direction. ‎
Score:‎ ‎9/10‎

Well, they’re limited and easy get acquainted though well phased voice acting is ‎well delivered.‎
Score:‎ ‎9/10‎

This is something new to me. Gameplay hour was worth its price. Just like RE ‎and Silent Hill franchise, I would like to have a new franchise like Dead Space to ‎include on the list. ‎
Score ‎ ‎9/10‎

Character and the environments is well delivered.‎
Sounds really made a great horror feeling.‎
Weapons and its features are interesting (I wonder if they cane make a ‎multiplayer battle using these weapons in the future…cool!!).‎
Zero-G is fun.‎

Missions tend to get a little repetitive in an odd way.‎
Not as innovative in plot-making and storytelling as I hoped for. ‎
Predictable plot. ‎

Good Hunting Guys!


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