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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My 2010 XBOX 360 GAMES (including whish lists)

The year 2009 is near to a close and 2010 has several upcoming titles to come out in line. I gathered up some of my picks with my personal comments and here they are:

Mass Effect 2 Release date Jan 2010
The kickoff can’t get any better than a sequel from an award winning Action/RPG game. I tried the 1st part and liked it. My anticipation for the sequel is fair and hopeful to break the ice while it’s the 1st month of year.

Bioshock 2 Release date Feb 2010
I played the 1st and I enjoyed a different experience of FPS gameplay in a different twist and RPG elements. One of my anticipated title of 2010.

Dante’s Inferno Release date Feb 2010
Devil may cry titles were inspired by the book. Therefore, I will not take a second chance on getting this game. The novel book has imaginative and twisted vision of “Hell” itself but it is entertaining despite the entire sensitive spiritual context in it.

Final Fantasy 13 Release date Mar 2010
As a die hard fan of FF7. I should give this one a try (like I always do from the previous title except FF 11 online). Positive reviews are everywhere, so my choice still stand as FF7 is still my number one FF game. But we’ll see…

Gears of War 3 Release date Q4 2010
This franchise was one of the Major reason why I bought XBOX 360, tried the 1st and 2nd titles and I was content. Now I have to wait and hope it will release with another BANG! (Exited even though there’s no release date yet).

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Release date Unannounced
The 1st one is one of my GOTY 2009. the announcement came out as a teaser and wow it’s a direct sequel and the fizz of all the issue was Arkham has moved? Where? Just take a look at the trailer.

Metro 2033 Release date Mar/Apr 2010
This might work. A new title entry with the somewhat similar concept of “F.E.A.R.” but based in Russia. I better take a closer look at this and hope for the best.

Alan Wake Release date Q2 2010
This has been in production for a very long time. Trailers are making me want to know what the heck is going on at Alan’s world.

Brink Release date Q4 2010
Imagine “Mirror’s Edge” with guns. With a co-op and multiplayer features, I’m pretty sure it’s a promising title (so far).

Aliens vs. Predator Release date Feb. 2010
Dose my eyes deceived me? I heard the last news that it will be out around Feb 2010. well anyway I’m a sucker of AVP franchise and sadly I never got the chance to try their old AVP FPS game before. Maybe its just me but I really love the concept of AVP.

Medal of Honor: (new title) Release date Unannounced
A contender for MW? Why not? I’m keeping my doors open for MOH now that they moved to a modern setting. Lets face it, Call of duty was inspired from MOH.

Well to wrap things up. It’s been a nice ride for 2009 and for other future games that I will mention will only mean that they just came after I posted this article. I’m hopeful for the undetermined future games and all the best to the ones that will release for 2010.




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