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Friday, July 29, 2011

‪Let's Play BIT.TRIP FLUX‬‏ - YouTube

‪Let's Play BIT.TRIP FLUX‬‏ - YouTube

How dare a man call himself as he claims to be when he just passed by and go?

Didn't he realized that he touched people’s heart as he passed by and all he can say that “I’m just a man”?

How roles such as that can hinders our attention?

How can a person leave such an affect in our lives?

How dare you break our hearts?

How dare you force us to shed tears for you?

You said that you’re just going back….home.

Is going to die part for your plan on going home?

Yet this tune clams me as I watch you die slowly…it calms me as if it saying that everything will be okay.

A melody from the pain I feel, like a mother hushes her crying child to sleep.
Hold her tight and her hands brush her child’s head.

Quietly she whispers to the ear and say “hush now my child, it’s going to be all right now. Sleep now my child. He is going home and will watch over us from the eternity”.

Then I calm, I hush myself to sleep knowing that tomorrow’s a new day to live and smile.

He may be just a man, but he will be a man to be remembered in my life

To infinity…and beyond.

(in memories of Commander Video, Me and your fans will remember you for life, thank you for the memories)


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