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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition Review

Developer:      Eidos Motreal
Publisher:        Square Enix
Platforms:       PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
Rating:            ESRB M, PEGI 15

I never asked for this, but I chose to make a review. The year is 2011, it’s the time where the Deus Ex makes its way to the market and relive the theme of what it has done 11 years ago. 
After a long wait of my pre-purchased Augmented Edition here I am ready to make a review. For more than 40+ hours of gaming completion, I finally drag myself out from playing to reviewing this game. 

                                          Poor Adam in human form


The game sets itself in 2027, about 20 years before the event of the first game Deus Ex in 2052, Human Augmentation is widely used by consumers whereas to enhance their human abilities and take them to a higher level for their basic daily needs. Although the technology isn’t as widely welcomed form that time, it’s starting to shape a new era for humanity.

You play the role of Adam Jensen, a security officer in SERIF Industries, one of the leading human augmentation companies located in the state of Detroit. The facility was attacked by an unknown group leaving Adam almost dead and took away his girlfriend. Saved by augmenting his body, he seeks revenge for what happened. Six months later your quest begins, solving mysteries by visiting places and talk to certain persons for the main and side quests. It’s pretty straight forward; the guy had a traumatic event and seeks redemption. But things will start to pick up as you complete one quest to another involving secret organization with deep and scary intentions for the world. 

                                          Adam in Augmented form


Here are my thoughts on the game; it has the first person shooter view, a Metal Gear Solid cover and stealth gameplay, a conversational system that impacts the outcome of player’s game direct and indirect approach. Leveling up system is vast and limited; you can’t upgrade all of your augmentations so it’s best to choose wisely on what you should upgrade to better use based on your style. There are many ways to reach an objective from run-and-gun (but that doesn’t work well for me) style to stealth mode and walking through vents. Aside from enhancing your augmentations, you can also improve your weapons by combining upgrade kits found in the area and also can be bought from a dealer. So the game has more MGS feel in combat combined with RPG elements roaming in a semi open world. And seeing those take downs and augmented abilities will leave you amazed and feel like a badass killing machine…or human for that matter.

                                          Cover system, reminds me of MGS for sure.


It’s gorgeous, the theme of a dark future brings to life, the element of gold and black are seen in the game and artistically well made. From the looks of it, it was well made in art and fashion.  

                                          See that Orange Dart? yeah i like taking them down silently


It has a catchy sound track of mixed electronic and organic feel. A gun shot delivers a feel that you are using an advanced weapon of the future. Although some voice acting was dramatically well made others may sound funny but acceptable. 

                                          Trivia, this is when you take an alcoholic drink. :)


Personally, this was a good pre-purchased game I had since my Dungeon Siege 3. A satisfactory for my pocket and entertainment to add the Augmented Edition is good bonus if you like to watch the development of the game and its Original Sound Tracks. Although it may not charm most of those who expect it to be a full pledged FPS game, it will surely satisfy to the gamers who plays RPG and/or stealth cover games. 

Score 9/10

Amazing and lively graphics 
Vast augmentation upgrades options
Hacking is cheap fun and rewarding
A Deep back story 
MGS feel
Multiple endings
Memorable Characters

Going stealth mode will take you a bit longer to accomplish a mission
Limited resources for upgrades 
Frustrating boss fights at times
No game+ as you finished the game

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  1. cool review i am now convinced to buy the game, mgs styled gameplay is a win for me