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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Developer(s)                 Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer Games

Publisher(s)                 Activision & Square Enix (Japan)

Platform(s)                   PC, XBOX 360, PS3 & Wii (in retail & steam)

Release date                 November 8, 2011

Genre(s)                       First-person Shooter

Mode(s)                         Single Player & Multiplayer

Rating(s)                      ESRB: M, PEGI: 18

                                          Oh yes indeed, lets! 

Since the first modern warfare, i’ve been into the story. Price & Soap from Task Force 141 has become one of the key characters in the game for me. At first MW I was so curious on how Soap would look like and wonder if there’s any sequel to it. After a few years MW2 came out gave me another rollercoaster ride and left me with another clifhanger. For me it was all about the campaign, its modern FPS setting & how it leaves me with a lot of WTF moments. However, the other half of what MW is all about is the addicting Multiplayer. Here we are at the third installment & finally got to see the sequel. But before i start, I need to make it clear that this review is based on my personal views and at least should keep it that way.


When someone ask me about my opinion on the game I quickly answer that “it’s so MW”, not that there’s wrong with it or broken. It’s the hype and feel of the game that keeps me going till I finish it in almost one sitting (but this time I actually finished the campaign in one sitting). It’s like watching a hit action movie and I can’t leave it for a minute. This is what I feel when it comes to COD, but among all the COD series, MW storyline is my pick & I’m glad to see the third installment at its best. It’s clearly a short one but personally a well done. On the multiplayer side, Spec Ops mode is back with all the fun you can get with a friend & it’s always fun. The addicting mass multiplayer delight is also back and with it is my new favorite mode called “Kill Confirmed” whereas you collect enemy dogtags to gain points for your team and also collect your fallen team members’ dogtags to prevent the opposing team from gaining points. It’s actually a great team based mode that encourages players to work together at some point.

                                          one of the cool things in the game is that you can have two scopes in one weapon


I’m actually playing it on PC at the moment and all I can say is set the image to “native” and you’ll graphically appreciate the view. There are so many options to set it and if you don’t know what you’re doing, the game will automatically set itself based on the specs of your PC (rig).


Remember when I said “it’s so MW”? Well the gameplay also applies with few treats. It’s still fast phased with the usual guns you’ve seen in previous titles plus some arsenals and technologies that I’ve never seen before. Group multiplayer is also back with class editing and some new perks and kill streaks managements. When it used to be kill streak based gameplay is now turned into point streak mode which is now a bit easy for new comers to come at the top and a bit tougher for veterans to keep their status on top. However, with the new point system around, it felt just a bit different but not all game changing. It’s not actually a broken formula in the game, but like they always say about not fixing anything when it’s not broken. However, on the multiplayer side, I wish that you can rank yourself up on a dedicated server since you may suffer some constant lagging issues by implementing the old MWs’ matchmaking system which is usually frustrating. A bit improved? Yes, addicting? Yes indeed & overall gameplay? Freakin’ A.

                                          there are some places worth looking at for a few seconds such as this one


I just want to mention what I don’t like much in the game and it’s OST; they don’t feel that epic from the previous one done by the most respected composer Hans Zimmer. Fun fact, the gunfire was so loud but wasn’t loud enough for me to get annoyed by it.


MW is back with the 3rd installment & it’s coming in hard in Campaign & Multiplayer. For those who are a fan of the story I can only say that they’re in for a treat; it is short but well done. As soon as you’re done with that (or skipped the single player) you’re going to spend so much time at the multiplayer modes with tons of fun and players to compete with. Innovation is essential and I don’t see much in this game but if it’s not broken, what’s the point of fixing it? Is it good for the money? Well unless if you play it on multiplayer then it’ll keep you busy for at least a month or so.

Score             8.5

So MW whereas:
Shooting engine
Weapon customizations
Addicting multiplayer
And to add that:
Addicting Kill Confirmed multiplayer mode
Perks and variety of kill streaks & death streaks
It’s now a point system than kill system.

So MW whereas:
Very short campaign
Matchmaking is back
And to add that:
Multiplayer matches still has less teamwork feel to it than they’ve promised
You can’t rank up your on dedicated servers

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