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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Game Review: Saints Row 4

Developer:      Deep Silver Volition
Publisher:        Deep Silver
Platforms:       PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

When I first heard that SR4 is coming out i was all over it, building my expectations every time I see the details and crazy trailers because I told myself that i'm going to have some fun playing yet another crazy fun game.

Now that i finally played the game I can finally give share my thoughts


It takes place not too long after SR3 where your avatar (yes you can also carry over your R3 avatar given if you saved them in the saints row site) Pierce & Shaundi were called by MI-6 (Asha & Matt Miller) to infiltrate an enemy base led by Cyrus Temple who is planning to launch a nuclear missile to Washington. After the assault, the rocket was launched leaving you no choice but to ride on the rocket and diffuse it while playing on the background "I don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith and hearing dramatic complements from your crew. And i thought that was crazy enough, you survived the launched and landed right on the President's chair of United States! After that you got elected as the new president and all sorts of craziness went in my mind. shortly your country and the planet is under attack by Aliens. Abducted and thrown in a simulation, you fight your way out from the virtual prison and form whats left of your crew to fight back, pretty standard stuffs but the journey is even crazier and funnier once i got into the game.

                                                                 Yup, you can carry over your SR3 avatar to the game


The gameplay is simply a third person sandbox game. You roam around the world and do main  side quests although its gameplay can sometimes be tricky, in some occasions the game will throw in some mini games out from the ordinary like a 2D sprite retro game what is close to Battle City. That's actually good every once in a while just to get out from the ordinary. One of the new things to do in the game is the superpowers, at first it can be cool but when I use it too much just to travel from point A to B it gets tedious, on the flip side however, collecting clusters which are scattered throughout the map can be addicting, the clusters are like small glowing lights that you need to collect in order to gain new special abilities within each special powers (telekinesis, elemental blast, super sprint, super jump & stomp). Like the previous SR, you can also customize your avatar's clothes, vehicles, put/remove tattoo and re-edit your avatar's appearance.

                                                                    Some funny dialogue you encounter each NPCs


There nothing much to be impressed in this category but with a little improvements here and there. But that doesn't mean it's bad, its just good.


A couple of good signature songs here and there in the radio plus two new channels. voice acting has gotten crazier specially after adding Kieth David in the crew as your Vice President and a couple of reprising characters from the previous game. pretty cool and nothing to complain about. its that feeling i get every time they have their own dialogue that creates their individual character which makes me love them even more.

Yup and their also back! 


SR4 is back for more pounding murder time fun time experience, its still hilarious, still funny, fun and its a sandbox game. however i personally do not like being overpowered by having super powers but its not a game breaker to be perfectly honest. it gets the job done and that is me having a great time playing a video game. so kudos for this. its a good buy.

Score 8.5/10

Fun, funny, hilarious and all out crazy
Weapon cuatomization
Some mini games
(More) Memorable Characters
Being able to carry over your SR3 avatar to the game
The super powers can also be "useful" on certain matters and missions
More hilarious arsenals like the dub step weapon

Hacking every store in the area (without an option to buy them out instead) is a hindrance
The super powers can get boring overtime
Character customization feels like almost the same as the previous one


  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I've been thinking of getting this game a few sales from now.

    1. Thank you! Glad i could help. yeah if you're not in a hurry, its best to wait for it to come out. Bought this game plus seasons pass and i have no regrets :).