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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Review: Fallout 3: Game of the year edition

Developer(s) Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher(s) Bethesda Softworks & ZeniMax Media

Engine Gamebryo

Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (reviewing on Xbox 360)

Release date PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
October 2008

Genre(s) Action role-playing

Mode(s) Single-player

Rating(s) BBFC: 18
CERO: Z (18+)
PEGI: 18+

It’s December and finally I came to close my game lists of year 2009. my long awaited game has been put to rest for now and I felt like getting me another “award winning” game (or so they speak) just to have a look of what’s the fuss was all about. Luckily, I bought Mass Effect for 50 SR (13.33 $) which wasn’t bad (review will be posted separately for it) and Fallout 3: Game of the year edition.

Both were special in their own ways but I have to focus on the Fallout 3 since that’s what written on the main title.

I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t really a fan of Elder Scrolls 3 and I blew and sucked big time.

So after playing this baby (played 15 hours straight during Eid Al-Adha Holiday), I should make a review about it just to share my love and respect of the 2008’s RPG game of year (was beaten by MGS4 as game of year but I’m an MGS fan).

This one really fooled me right when I first checked the main menu and thought of cheesy music of 50s; but I was so wrong from picturing it that way. I never would imagine how twisted it was. I mean can a post apocalyptic could ever get anymore dreadful than this? A brief story will explain how it became like this. After a nuclear bomb explosion, the United States of America became a Capital Wasteland, but some limited people was taken shelter called “the vaults” the hero/heroine resides on Vault 101 and as the child grew up, he/she escaped from the Vault searching for his/her father’s whereabouts and the reason why he left the Vault 101. It really is engaging storyline to it and as you progress in search for your father, you’ll encounter many side quests as optional tasks. Yeah, those side quests really dragged me to push it to the limit and put my a** on the chair for hours! To make the long story short, presentation was nicely enough for me to invest the other day for a 15-hour straight gameplay (no rest and some people I know had days playing it!). Sounds and visuals gave a definite impact and sometimes terrifying on what lurks ahead.
Score: 9.0/10

Character creation comes first and while your still at Vault 101, you’ll be given a chance to carefully create your ideal hero/heroine and stats for survival. For those who think Fallout 3 is a fulltime FPS/TPS game, please do not expect it to come highly to that category, mainly its more an RPG than a shooter. Although you are required to use any means necessary to defend yourself from the outside world of The Capital Wasteland and that includes using weapons. Weapons on the other hand were from familiar firearms, home made, advanced and weird but deadly; all are present at your disposal and can be use on special occasions depending on your style. While venturing the world you’ll get a chance to talk to interact with them and some may give you helpful information or main/side quests. Karma system is one of the game’s features that will determine your balance of good/evil nature; so Karma is what we really think it is as common Karma and it will determine on what type of ending you will get at the end of the campaign. As you level up, just like any other RPG I played, you’ll get perks and its up to you where to put that points just to improve your survival skill in the world. The cool thing to add while on battle was the V.A.T.S. (also known as the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System); by activating it, you’ll get a chance on where to hit your enemy and what are the effects and chances to get a successful hit or a one hit kill if lucky. Systematically cool to watch in bullet time and at the same time gruesome sometimes when you’re killing a human target (the other day I blasted a ghoul’s head and saw jaw and eye balls flying off in bullet time….O_o). it’s really controversial and not really for everyone to see so keep it away from the eyes of those who’s not into violence. There are almost limitless possibilities by customizing your player and tons of places to explore in the capital wasteland and to add the expansions really add many things to do. So there’s lots of things to do that kind of letting you say “just one more quest and I’m done for today” but ended up playing another hour.
Score: 9.5/10

They’re all well crafted. Voice acting is superb that sometime makes you remember them throughout the game. But I was shocked when a kid cursed by using the “F” word on me, but not really a big deal, maybe I’m not used to hear kids saying those stuffs but it’s all good.
Score: 9/10

Whoa! Just like that. However, I really s**t you not that this is a very long game and replayability is high. I never would have thought I’d get hooked in a game like this and I’m glad that I finally stashed it in my “best games of Xbox 360” collections. It won’t please everyone including to the hardcore FPS/TPS fans but it’s an open invitation to all gamers. Weather you’re in RPG or FPS/TPS action or a collector like me. Fallout 3 is a gem and deserves to recognize in history and many years to come for RPG lovers.
Score 9/10

Character graphics is the weakest link of this game but the environments were in a different curve.
Sounds really keep you terrified whenever you lurk in a dark area.
Very high rate of replayability.
Anything is possible for customization your way of playing the game
Get ready to invest countless hours in this game including the expansions.

Character graphics.
Inventory limits (I carry a lot of loot in my back because i tend to head back after a very long quests but wth, its my opinion)
Addictive (two genre in one game, what could possibly go wrong?)

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