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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dragon Age 2 (Demo)

Since I was requested to review this game from a friend, here I go.

It’s really a wonder how time flies; we’re close to see the full pack of the game this March; but before it will be released comes the Demo.

                                As you can see how the character details has been upgraded 
                                And so as here. meanie dark spawns...

Bioware gave only limited details on the demo than I expected but it’s enough for us to give a glimpse of what we’ll be seeing once it hits the shelves.

For starter, the menu looks dark themed and a bit cheap in quality by giving a western animated drawing on the background. Maybe its just me but I didn’t like the main menu compared from the previous DA. None the less, the basic selections are there although since it’s a demo, you’ll have only limited access.

As you start the game, you will be able to choose only three classes on both genders but only using one race which is Human, for some fans of the game this will be a disappointment where on DA you can start at several different origins. But I think they’re concentrating on one race just to make focused on details of that champion. So basically you can also try them six times if you will. The classes are Mage, Warrior and Rogue. The story will talk about of a champion named Hawke, who survived the blight attack from a town called Lothering. It will begin when one of Hawke’s companions named Varric Tethras is questioned by a Chantry Seeker named Cassandra Pentaghast about how he/she became a Champion. That way, the player can shape the hero based on Varric stories. A great feature said that you can carry over your accomplishments from DA Origins and DA Awakening.

    From left to right, Mages, Warriors and Rogue (males and Females)

As I started the game I automatically notice the differences. Cinematic is improved and so as the character details and facial expressions that looks livelier than ever. Cloud movements in the skies are now visible than the previous still images that made me look like we’re shooting in a studio instead of walking in the wilds. However, landscapes and environments were only presented on two locations that made me feel the itch of seeing more.

                                Like i said, she's smokin hot

The combat system has been revamped so I think I’ll have to go in details about this. First off, everything will run fast as soon as you start a battle, according to Bioware that everything will run fast so that includes that everyone can also die. I guess the reason they did this is to attract gamers who use controllers. On the other hand, the pausing system is still there and back with almost similar orders for those who like to execute battles in a tactical perspective; in addition, you can also see that they added the quick Heal and Mana selection which is good rather than browsing the items which will take a bit more time to select. However, there’s another added selection which is ‘move to point”, I don’t know what use of this but personally it does not look like it’s important since that you can go to your point via controller. Executing abilities are an eye candy; they make you believe that a special ability gives different visual effects and never gets tiring to the eye; lets say that a mage’s ice attack can make a wall of ice blowing against multiple foes or a back stab attack from the rogue will make a short distance teleport to the back of a single foe and make almost an instant kill shattering their limbs and spreading blood all over the place (and yes it’s still bloody like the first one).

    Like DA, the menus are still there. with additional functions

Moving to the menu, also an intriguing part is the ability section. The ability selections are arranged like a thread where you can go on different areas of abilities to choose from and weather to pick a next ability to connect or stay there and level up the effect of that ability. This will be a very interesting feature, customizing your player’s abilities in a different manner. Other than that, the rest of the menus are the same.

    Now this is something new, the way to make new abilities and yeah, see the theme of the menu? dark!

    Each class has 6 job selections and each selection has threads to connect so there you go...

Dialogue section was so impressive when I noticed that they’re using a Mass Effect like conversational choices and choices which is simple; in addition that you can also watch as your player interacts with voice and expressions which also a livelier feature. However, it fell a bit short on the drama execution but I’ll see if this continues till the end (knowing that they also make one epic ending sequences i.e. Mass Effect series) of the full game but so far I’m interested.

    Still bloody

In the end, the demo was a little short on details but I’m sure it will be a promising sequel. A deep storyline, appealing graphics, new battle system to master, a new gameplay and a much livelier character details are among the few obvious features to look forward to.

    Yes and how will a DA be without a dragon? in this scene, there's a big spoiler for those who played the 1st DA...

Just to add a note, the default female player is smokin’ hot!