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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A gamer at heart

Arise my fellow gamers in Riyadh!

I’m currently living as an expatriate here in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Gaming industry isn’t really bright during the early 90s. But I actually started playing video games since the time of Atari 2600 with some of my favorites were Frogger, Pac man & Boxing. Since then I developed the love of video games.

As time progressed itself, I started to know a couple of Gamers from my school, we were all crazy about “Captain Majed” (also known as Captain Tsubasa) but when it came out in NES system it became the talk of the season. Most kids in my time were eager to buy one & try tell their experiences.

In early 2000, things were catching up and so were the gaming industry. Adding colors & features & battling game developers to show who had the best game of the year. Most gamers I met were into Fighting games like fighting games like Tekken series, sports like Winning Eleven which now known as PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) & Action games & horror series like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series & Resident Evil series.

So many great gamers I’ve known here in this City who never been known internationally. I remembered one of my Filipino friend “Geo” (just a nick I call him) was defeated from my Saudi Classmate "Omar" back in High school 20+ to 1. Geo was a pro in Tekken but it changed my mind & embarrassed after his humiliated defeat.

On that point, I realized that the locals here were the ones not to be messed with. & so I made this site as I move along gathering people & showing them, what Gamers in Riyadh really are and what we can offer.

This is our fort. This is where we stand & this is where we start to share.

The game is about to start… now what’s yours?



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