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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(Finally!) Star Ocean: The Last Hope

This year’s best RPG from Japan can offer is finally in my hands.

A few more days before Modern Warfare 2 hits the market & yet I was eager to buy something else while waiting.

I called a couple of games shops just to keep my options open (Computer house at Olaya St. & Eagle Software at Shola Mall) & went to “Turning Point” just around the corner of Owais Market to see if they have any new 2nd hand games so that I can spend less.

I found rather rarest games to see in this country. I’m talking about “Star Ocean: The Last Hope” on PAL system. The Shop didn’t had Borderlands yet so it was a clear sign for me to buy the JRPG game knowing that it’s the only piece in there.

Basically its hard to find this type of games here in the Kingdom & buying it for 150 SR as 2nd hand item is really worth the money. I’m a sucker on RPG games but only looking for a great gameplay and/or storyline. From past SO series I played, I knew how it is going to look like.

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