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Monday, November 9, 2009

Game Review: Brutal Legend

Game Review: Brutal Legend
Contributed & reviewed by Jerico Mariano
Sunday, November 08, 2009
10:37 PM

Release Date: October 13, 2009
Platforms: Sony PS3, Microsoft XBOX 360
Electronic Arts
Developer: Double Fine
Genres: Action


Alright it's show time folks! (voice of Jack Black) I finally got a chance to briefly grind the metal on Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend. An action/adventure game that follows the story of Eddie Riggs-who started out as a roadie for a 'heavy' metal band and fears that heavy metal is dying, not until he finds himself transported to an alternative world where heavy metal suffers under the rule of the evil Lord Doviculus.


Yes it is AWESOME! A tribute package to all things that are metal. Jack Black's voice acting was really fun-bloody-tastic! The concept, music , art, and character animation simply adds up to the awesomeness of the voice acting. The heavy metal theme was carried on throughout and was given a cartoony effect which gives you an idea on how complexity meet simplicity.


In terms of gameplay, Brutal Legend is somehow hard to define, since it’s a mix of several different styles, from real time strategy, beat 'em up, shooting, to vehicular combat. It may give you an impression that the game can be pretty daunting but as you go along, you'll know that the match-up of styles pretty add up well. Though its great to have different styles here and there, the game would have been better if the game could have a more variety on the site quests or at least make the main character jump. I kindda' feels odd when your at a beat 'em up mode and the dude can't jump. Some quests can be a little bit of learning curve, since some of them don't really guide you or even give you hint on how to accomplish your objective. You learn from it the traditional way… BY DYING!
On that note, the flaws are actually minor to the overall game experience. With creative concepts, awesome music scoring, writing, gameplay styles all mashed upped to something more than what I've expected… A DIFFERENT WAY TO SPELL FUN!


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