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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Article: Four Types of gamers in Steam Community

There are four types of gamers I found in Steam. Given that they are all gamers, they all carry a role which gives a color in the gaming community.

As I mention them, they will get relatively clear to those who are curious and to those who seek enlightenment on the subject.

First off we have The Collector; the collector is clearly the ones who collect games and has less time to play them all. Be it that he/she already played them before, they tend to itch their way to buy them even just for displays. I have nothing against those who are given that I tend to incline my way on getting even publisher’s collection. To name a few, I was supposed to buy only Dungeon Siege 3 this year but ended up buying even its two previous releases. If there was a collection of Command & Conquer I would certainly buy & mostly likely if they’re on sale.

The downside is that they tend to have too many games to play and little time to play them. The good thing is they’re prone from getting compliments from other users as they find the list of games.

Secondly, The Reviewer who simply buys games and reviews them. Be it new releases or old just to give their personal thoughts on and provide insights mainly to those who hasn’t bought the game or curious of why the game is so good (or less) to others.

The downside is not all users will agree on their reviews though in the first place it’s just their personal thoughts and do not represent on a greater scale of majority.

The Giver is the ones who give away games for free, usually you find them as admin in a group or two. Organizing events to giveaways with or without a purpose for the benefit of the group they’re in.

Like The Collector, they are also prone to get compliments but little more from the others & tend to get to know good friends along the way. The thing is, they can also be targets of beggars or other users with bad intentions in the community.

Lastly, The Trader; this user means business and often trade games, in game & special items with others for both or their own benefit. The trading system in Steam can be very addicting especially on annual events where they tend to shine. Apparently almost all of the users in the community will try to trade what’s in their inventory for something they want.

Trading is addicting and fun, like an introduction to gamers on how trading business works however the downside is that Traders tend to spend so much money especially on special occasions. Therefore it is best for them to earn more money till the next event comes and make some huge trades.

At some point, you’ll come across a user who represents more than one category. But at the end of the day we’re all gamers and just want to play the games we love. After all, games are for everyone and I’m happy to see them around in the community.

Play on, play hard and game on!

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