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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Steam Community: Mookie : Review for DuckTales Remastered

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This game just gave gamers one of the sweetest love letters in a longest time.

The name "remastered" definitely fits for this beautiful gem.

Amazing remastered OST by the company and Jake Kaufman that alone revived the good times of the nineties and the glorious gaming generation. I just keep some of the tracks on the loop and pause the game to remind me about the good gaming memories telling me not to let them go.

True to its sincerity, the graphics and voice acting felt like the old times was just right around the corner of an old school gamer's heart like mine.

to me it feels like this game is just making my gaming heart cry with joy inside with all the presentation it gave.

This game will not only charm the old but also the new generation of gamers and we can all sit down and talk about how games were in the old days. Never forget the good memories just to create if not better memories for our next gen gamers.

I can't recommend enough so just stop reading this and go buy it for good old gaming time sake. :)

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